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"The expertise of CELODEV is based on the knowledge
of the papermaking process, the biotechnology and environmental protection".

Presentation of the Laboratory

CELODEV has its own laboratory for analysis and development specifically designed for the pulp industry. Feel free to contact us for a quote or for others informations.

1. Pulp Analysis

Pulp measuring equipment: :

  • LHOMARGY's pulp desintegrator
  • SHOPPER RIEGLER's Measuring degree of drainage
  • MUTEC's Measure of ionicity process water

Pulp preparation equipements:

  • Enzymation reactor cell with temperature control
  • VALLEY's refiner cell
  • RAPID KOETTEN's handsheet device

2. Paper Analysis :

Measuring equipment for paper characteristics:

  • AFNOR's Permeability measurement
  • BENDTSEN's Measurement of Permeability
  • BENDTSEN's Smoothness measurement
  • Thickness measurement
  • Burst strength measurement
  • Breaking strength measurement
  • Tear rating measurement
  • Resistivity of surface and paper mass measurements
  • Capillary rise measurement
  • COBB's bonding measurement degree

Special Analysis :

  • Study of paper fluorescence
  • Synthetic fibers analysis and counting
  • Microscopic analysis of surface

3.Specific tests developed by CELODEV

  • Drainage speed measurement
  • Morphology fiber measuring device
  • Wastepaper contamination points counting
  • Paper µ-porosity measurement.
  • Pellets and wood chips morphology measure

4.Special analysis :

Liquid phase analysis:

  • Colorimetric measurement of process water
  • BROOKFIELD's viscosity measurement
  • Surface tension of liquid measurement
  • Chemical analysis: pH, conductivity, temperature, ...

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