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"The expertise of CELODEV is based on the knowledge
of the papermaking process, the biotechnology and environmental protection".


The paper industry is in an important changing period.

  • Energy cost is increasing dramatically
  • The chemical costs are increasing (starch, …)
  • Several paper machines stopped in European countries
  • The emergent countries are investing in paper production

Thereby the reduction of costs is a priority.

To answer this structural change CELODEV accompanies you through a service:

  • GLOBAL: From design to completion
  • INNOVATING: In Biotechnology
  • PRAGMATIC: By the presence on the shopfloor

1 - Basic Engineering

  • Needs Analysis
  • Study Process
  • Study solutions and / or investments
  • Calculation of equipement sizing
  • Monitoring the implementation of investment and / or changes

2 - Organizations Optimization

  • Audit of operational organizations
  • Analysis of potential improvements
  • Implementation of Quick Wins
  • Tracking changes in organization

3 - Technical and economic analysis

  • Analysis variable costs
  • Analysis of fixed costs
  • Study of investment and / or changes
  • Costs Optimisation Study

4 - Paper Process Optimisation

  • Pulp Preparation
  • Refinement
  • Surface and masse chemicals
  • Sheet formation
  • Drying
  • Surfacing Equipment

5 - Transformation

  • Optimization study of the finishing lines

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