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"The expertise of CELODEV is based on the knowledge
of the papermaking process, the biotechnology and environmental protection".

Who are We ?


CELODEV is a French company presents on the international board specialized in development of enzymatic products in partnership with REALCO and in pulp industry consulting. CELODEV is founded in 2007 by Gilles Bajul, Engineer paper maker graduated in 1984 of the French School of paper making and Graphics Industries(EFPG).

Having acquired the technical and manager experiences in big french and international groups, Gilles Bajul decides to bring his know-how and his knowledge to compagnies by creating CELODEV. The main purpose of CELODEV is to support companies in the improvement of their paper production lines. Furthermore, thanks to its laboratory, CELODEV offers to you some innovative and individualized enzymatic solutions.

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Notre plaquette :

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Our Values:

  • Innovation
  • Technical skills
  • Experience
  • Sustainable growing

Our Business Sector

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Enzymatic products

CELODEV develops, thanks to its laboratory, some powerfull enzymatics process for pulp and papermaking industry. We develop et market some enzymatic solutions for your industry to reduce your energy and your chemical costs.
Allied to our skills, this innovating and environement-friendly process will permit you to increase the efficiency of your productions.
CELODEV develops for you some brand new measuring equipment to improve knowledge of enzyme treatment process.

CELODEV's consulting (For industry)

CELODEV, by his own experience in papermaking sector, offers you some advices and technical methods to improve the efficiency of your productions lines.

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